How Do You Learn to Serve Others?

In 2000 the TV show 60 Minutes spent five days at the National Speakers Association convention.

I was one of many interviewed and one of the few not left on the cutting room floor. Yea! They asked me the question you may be wondering, “Patricia, you used to be a hairstylist; now you are a motivational speaker. There has to be a big difference.”

This is what I said:

That line got me on 60 Minutes. That half-inch has made me millions of dollars. Not all in the same year!

I loved being a men’s hairstylist in the San Francisco financial district and traveling the country teaching hairstylists. Once I became a professional speaker, however, my world expanded.

Over the years of my career, I invested years and thousands of dollars into increasing the quality of my presentations. I hired the best speech coaches and attended comedy and screenwriting classes before I discovered that others wanted to learn what I knew to shorten their learning curve.

Of course, I don’t know what gives you the most satisfaction from your life or career, but for me, as much as I love being on stage and hearing applause, it is much more rewarding to see and hear how my clients are becoming more successful and getting results from my help.

Regardless of your goals or career path, becoming a good public speaker will help you excel.

Does this make sense to you? Let me know what you like most about what you do and how you help others.

The bottom line, good public speaking skills will help you help others. You may never be interviewed on 60 Minutes however, you can still be a star. I am here to help you. Want a conversation to see how?

“Your ability to hold an audience in the palm of your hand with a story is incredible. Your talent in turning a speaker into a world champion on the fly in front of a packed audience is even more amazing. When COVID-19 turned everything into a virtual experience, you were the first speaker and trainer I thought of to help us break through the noise and attract a crowd.

When our community hears you are presenting, the registration numbers skyrocket. Mixing your inspirational stories combined with digital elements like video keeps the audience engaged and wanting more! They keep asking “When can we get Fripp back?”” Michelle Kabele, Channel Marketing, Zebra Technologies