Discover How to Clean Out the Closets of Your Life

What Is in Your Closet?

Earlier in my speaking career when I was often hired to speak at Spouse Programs at conventions, my speech was called, “Clean Out the Closets of Your Life.” The premise was, we can relate to cleaning out the garage and attic. How about the people, habits, and thoughts that could well be interfering with where you want to go? Remember, this was decades before the world became familiar with the decluttering philosophies of Marie Kondo.

Sorry, not for me. I live alone in a good size house. British people love looking at their treasures, and I certainly do. Many came from my parents, and I smile and feel loved being around them.

If you walked into my dressing room, which would be the master bedroom for normal people, you would see an entire room just for my clothes, hats, shoes, bags, gloves, and jewelry. If Saks runs out of merch, they can shop in my closet. They all fit and look good. One of my pleasures is to look through my clothes to discover how to take an item I have not worn in a while and create a new look.

Yes, I do donate whatever no longer fits—except the breathing-optional, eating-totally-out-of-the-question dress I wore in 1996 when I was awarded the Cavett from the National Speakers Association. Some clothes are just to look at, smile, and remember. Do you agree, or am I just nuts?

Men and Women. A Difference?

Much has been written about the differences between men and women. From my own experience, this is one amusing situation I have never forgotten.

The National Speakers Association has several awards. The Cavett is named after our founder, Cavett Robert. Once a year, it is given to a person who emulates Cavett for their contributions to our association and the industry. At our Influence convention awards banquet, the Cavett winner is a big secret, even for those who are on the selection committee.

In 1996, when I was awarded the Cavett, there were two frequent comments. The men said, “You gave such a good speech; you must have known.” The women in the lady’s lounge said, “It was obvious you did not know; we’ve seen the dress before.”

“For twenty years I have been attending National Speakers Association conferences with my wife Janelle Barlow, Ph.D. I learned more about speaking from working on my most important speech with Patricia Fripp than in the prior twenty years. Her suggestions and guidance were invaluable.” Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.

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