This Is The Secret to Mesmerizing Your Audience

What’s the secret to mesmerizing any audience of any size at any time? There’s a simple and profound answer. How often have you sat in an audience and been mesmerized by a speaker? Did they reach out and grab you in such a way that you thought, “Wow, the speaker’s talking just to me”? Was it the compelling content of a scintillating story?

I share this segment from FrippVT, my fast, easy, convenient way for you to become a powerful, persuasive presenter. It’s a highly-interactive, learn-at-your-own speed, online learning program. Enjoy!

Be honest. How many life-changing, career-building, or awe-inspiring presentations have you heard? Have you ever been that speaker? What would it mean to you and your career if you had that ability?

I guarantee that if you’ve heard an enjoyable, memorable speech, sermon, or business presentation, at least one aspect that made it memorable was stories. Everybody loves a good story. That is part of their power. No matter what our culture, we grew up feeling that hearing a story was somehow a reward. Stories taught us values and our family’s legacy. When we’re in school, stories make history come alive.

In business, we quickly discover that stories help us explain complex issues and are the best way to connect to co-workers, customers, and audiences of all sizes and makeup.

Wise leaders, managers, sales professionals, professional speakers, consultants, trainers – in fact, anybody with ambition who wants to make a difference will do well to develop an arsenal of great stories. Stories provide clear, dramatic examples. No matter what your position or level, good stories can help differentiate you from your competition.

As you tell a story, the way in which it ties into a point you are making should be obvious satisfying your audience. Whether you tell your stories to an audience of one or 1,000, they must find them interesting, be able to connect emotionally, and discern the lesson you’ve meant to convey.

Stories are the best way to explain the complex, train, teach, connect emotionally, inspire, motivate, and persuade. Great storytelling at the heart of mesmerizing any audience.

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