The Genius of Teamwork

The Real Magic of Teamwork

Let’s get real about teamwork. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s like rocket fuel for any organization.

You know what I’m talking about—if you’ve ever been part of a great team, you’ve felt that electrifying energy. It’s more than just folks sharing office space or flashing the same company logo. It’s a crew of people, who are different in many ways, yet absolutely on the same page about accomplishing goals for their organization, each other, and their clients.

No More Silos, Folks

Here’s a game-changer: We need to stop thinking of our companies as isolated departments or divisions. We’re all part of a bigger mission, and sometimes that might even mean teaming up with competitors.

Are We Smarter Together? Absolutely.

My friend Bob Treadway, who’s a brilliant futurist and speaker, once told me about a fascinating experiment he conducted. He gave the Mensa IQ Test to seminar attendees and discovered something amazing. Average Joes and Janes, when they come together as a team, suddenly start performing at genius levels. How? Some are brainstormers, some go solo and then loop back, and the magic happens when everyone unites. This is one of the ways he helped his clients build legendary teams.

Building a Team is Like Building Friendships

Creating this sort of magic doesn’t just happen—you’ve got to work for it. You’ve got to embrace everyone’s quirks and unique skills. That’s how you build strong teams, just like how you form lasting friendships. It’s this unity that makes your company dependable, both inside and out, and isn’t that the image you want to present to the world?

Mike’s Secrets to a Motivated Team

Speaking of unity, let me tell you about my next-door neighbor, Mike. When we first met, he was running a team at a biotech company. His team was considered a marvel. I was curious about how he kept his group of very smart individuals so motivated, especially when they worked in a competitive environment and many had introverted personalities.

“I keep them happy,” he said. Simple as that. When I pushed for more, he spilled the beans. “Years ago, I’d give people just bits and pieces of information. Now, I tell them everything. Sure, it might slow them down as they sift through it all, but then they see the big picture. And that makes all the difference.”

There you have it. Teams are like magic, and magic requires a lot of effort to make it look easy. The payoff? Well, it’s immeasurable.

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