The #1 Skill to Increase Your Business, Career, and Reputation

It never ceases to amaze me that intelligent, well-educated, and ambitious professionals frequently overlook developing the number-one skill guaranteed to position them ahead of the crowd: the ability to stand up and speak eloquently in public, or at least stagger to their feet and say anything at all.

What terrifies so many about public speaking? Most likely, it is because we do not want to look, feel, or sound foolish in front of others. This fear can be paralyzing, but it is also conquerable.

I frequently hear, “I am a terrible public speaker.” To which I reply, “No. You are an untrained speaker.” My second comment is always, “Stop telling yourself what you do not want. This is reinforcing what you are going to change.” You improve what you focus on. I tell my coaching clients, “You have invested your entire career training to be a competent CPA, engineer, nurse, dentist, financial advisor, or content expert. Now it’s time to invest in becoming a competent speaker.”

The Importance of Public Speaking Skills

For decades, I have focused on getting your message across in a clearer, concise, and interesting way that brings more buy-in to your ideas and makes you unforgettable. Anyone can stand before an audience or behind a webcam and deliver a presentation. Each presentation you deliver adds to or lowers your reputation. I encourage you to develop the knowledge and skills to become unforgettable whenever you present.

Becoming a great public speaker and presenter who delivers unforgettable presentations is not rocket science. However, it is more complex than most professionals realize. The techniques and principles I teach are timeless and proven, and when adopted, they increase the likelihood of becoming unforgettable. They may be surprisingly simple, but they are often little-known and frequently-overlooked.

Benefits of Mastering Public Speaking

No matter your career or personal goals, mastering public speaking skills is an important part of your personal development. Consider the following benefits:

Career Advancement: The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the more critical your presentation skills become. Early in your career, you will get promoted faster when you act, dress, and speak for the position you want, not the one you have.

Increased Influence: Effective communication is key to inspiring action and commitment from your associates, partners, and customers. Leaders who speak well can rally their teams, persuade stakeholders, and influence outcomes.

Enhanced Reputation: Each presentation adds to or diminishes your professional reputation. Delivering a compelling, well-structured presentation enhances your credibility and positions you as an authority in your field.

Entrepreneurial Success: For ambitious entrepreneurs, showcasing your expertise through public speaking is one of the least expensive ways to promote your business. Engaging talks attract potential clients and partners.

Personal Development: Improving communication skills is helpful in almost every area of life. From negotiating better deals to forming stronger personal connections, being a proficient speaker is a valuable asset.

Real-World Example

Many companies emphasize the importance of communication skills in their job postings. For instance, when my coauthor of Deliver Unforgettable Presentations, Mark Brown, worked at Reader’s Digest in the 1990s, every job description, whether for chief information officer, staff accountant, or mailroom assistant, included the requirement: “Excellent verbal and written communication skills required.” This trend continues today across various industries, underscoring the universal value of strong communication abilities.

Easy, Convenient, Cost-Effective Help

I know you’re busy. Therefore, I designed this step-by-step online program, FrippVT, Fripp Virtual Powerful Persuasive Presentations, to help you create unforgettable presentations. Whether your goal is to speak professionally, advance your career, or promote your business, consider the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone and taking action.

You can transform your career and reputation by mastering public speaking. Start today, and you will soon see a positive impact on your business, career, and personal growth. Why not invest in Deliver Unforgettable Presentations and take a trial of Fripp Virtual Training Powerful, Persuasive Presentation FrippVT

Easy, convenient, and cost-effective.

“The information in FrippVT is as valuable as any college course I’ve taken. This is a resource that everyone needs. The investment is worth ten times more than I paid and has been life-changing. My fees, recommendations, and referrals have increased dramatically. I am delighted. For the first time in my speaking career, I know exactly what to do when I walk on stage. One technique in Course 8 helped me win a highly-paid, international speech.” Mitzi Perdue, speaker and author of How to Make Your Family Business Last

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