Why Stories Are An Unparalleled Way to Make Sales

The Science of Selling by David HoffeldIt might be easy to resist a sales pitch, but few can resist a good story. We grow up feeling that a story is a reward. In sales, stories are the best way to clarify the complex, create emotional connection, and persuade.  David Hoffeld, author of The Science of Selling, was a guest on my Fripp Sales Series webinar and discussed the science behind the unparalleled power of storytelling and a lot more. I share a video replay of our conversation – plus, David’s article explaining why stories are essential to sales.

The Science of Why Stories Are Sticky

by David Hoffeld

Stories are also sticky. Because they produce an emotional response that will often cause the brain to release dopamine, a chemical that im­proves memory, the retention rate of stories is elevated. One experiment conducted at Stanford University found that after listening to a series of speeches, 63 percent of the students remembered the stories the speaker used, but only 5 percent remembered any statistics from the same speech.

Perhaps the most significant finding about stories is that the brain reconstructs them as they are being told. Princeton researchers monitored brain activity in pairs of subjects, one who told a story and the other who was listening to the story. The researchers noticed that the neural activity in both of the participants’ brains was synchronous. When the speaker imagined the story while articulating it, the listener had the same brain activity while he was mentally recreating the story he was hearing. Neuroscientists refer to the formation of a mental image of a be­havior, idea, or situation that a person hasn’t witnessed in real life as “mental imagery.”

David Hoffeld
David Hoffeld, Science-Based Sales Trainer & Author of The Science of Selling

Research suggests that when you tell stories, your prospective customers are not just listening; they are recreating the story in their minds. The easier it is for buyers to picture a story, the more likely it is that they will be influenced by it. This science discloses an important insight into successful storytelling—anything that hinders your buyers’ ability to imagine the story will also hinder its influence.

David Hoffeld is the author of the acclaimed book The Science of Selling and the CEO and chief sales trainer at the research-based sales and consulting firm, Hoffeld Group. He is a sales and leadership contributor to Fast Company and has been featured in Fortune, U.S. News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, CBS Radio and Fox News Radio. To learn more about his science-backed sales strategies visit: www.HoffeldGroup.com

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Replay from FrippVT Sales Series – The Unparalleled Power of Stories

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