Opening Phrases You Can Use – FrippVT Video

The first and last 30 seconds of your speech have the most impact, so give your opening and closing words careful consideration. If you open your presentation with an obvious and dull greeting, such as, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to be here today,” you waste your precious first seconds. In this brief video sample from FrippVT, I share several examples of effective opening phrases. You are welcome to borrow or adapt any of these for your own presentations!

These opening phrases can also be useful in developing a presentation. Simply begin with one and let your words wander, without any editing or self-censorship. Record or jot down your thoughts; then use these thoughts as your starting point as you structure and develop your presentation.

The First 30 Seconds,” “Use A Quote to Open Your Talk,” and “Open And Close Your Presentations with Power” are just a few of the complimentary resources on to further help you develop a powerful and persuasive opening for your presentation.

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