Are Your Prospects Walled Off From You?

Isn’t it frustrating? Often it appears your prospects are almost completely walled off from you.Kurt Smile

Okay, that’s not entirely true.  But for all practical purposes, it may as well be. Your prospects are busy with multiple priorities and they are definitely not waiting around for a mass email message from your marketing department or a cold call from you.

Reaching prospects that way is about as easy as winning the Powerball – only with worse odds.

The Harvard Business Review tells us, “90% of decision makers never reply to a cold call.”Kurt

They’ve walled themselves off with caller ID, spam filters, voicemail and something else they’re going to invent next Thursday.

Here’s the biggest shocker – they’ve got the Internet!

For many buyers, there is a belief that a Google search can do the same job as a sales person. They’ll find your products on the web but without the breathless hard pitch.

Be honest, they’re right and you know it. As buyers we are exactly the same. As sellers, we know that the B2B buyers are acting the same way when it comes to our business products and services.

According to a study by IDC, 75% of B2B buyers use social to research their vendors.

This is why you and your sales team need to make social selling a priority. It’s not only a great way for connecting with people it is superb for research…when you know how. By sharing content over the social network, sales people increase their credibility amongst prospects by positioning themselves as the experts in their field.

According to a study by Forbes Magazine, 78 percent of salespeople using these social media techniques and are outperforming their peers.VTphoneandipadsmall

Sales teams that want to be, or stay, top performers need to embrace social selling as a habit and not just a tool.

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