How to Make More Sales More Often – Even When Working From Home- Watch the Video

How to Make More Sales More Often – Even When Working at Home

Would it surprise you to know that many of my clients are driving more business while their associates are working from home? Yes, they are more successful than when everyone went into the office and went out to meet clients and prospects in person. They are taking action to upgrade their skills. I am a presentation skills expert Patricia Fripp. Companies hire me to help them drive sales by improving their important conversations and presentations.

How to Succeed in Business and Sales in the Virtual World

You will learn how to:

Improve your sales script and conversations
Connect to your prospect and customers
Tell sales success stories in a memorable way
Get comfortable in a virtual meeting.

“How to Succeed in Business and Sales in the Virtual World.”

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Drive More Sales – Here is how.

If you work in a small, medium, or large company or just work selling your personal services, you can benefit from my years of experience. Get my best sales advice with a subscription to FrippVT Sales. This is my interactive online training. 24/7 you get access to have to improve your sales presentations.

“Back in 2018, we invited you to help us with an important sales presentation, which we won. You will be as excited to know, that it continues to reap dividends! Last year, we were awarded $1.6 million in business with them. We just received a $2.8 million order from them already this year and it is still January. Your advice and coaching are awesome. What an ROI!” Michael E. Stryczek, President & CEO, AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID)

Take a trial on the best online learning on sales presentations

“Patricia, you saved the day! I was summoned on rather short notice to speak as a keynote speaker for our corporate annual sales conference. My task was to relate technical details to a non-technical audience. Lucky for me, a week in advance I found FrippVT your online learning program. I worked tirelessly devouring the FrippVT content most evenings until 2 a.m. to perform at the highest level possible. Can you imagine my excitement to walk off stage and hear, ‘You stole the show,’ ‘Are you a professional speaker?’ and ‘The audience was hanging onto your every word.’ I cannot thank you enough for creating FrippVT Powerful, Persuasive Presentations. Having your wisdom, advice, and guidance 24/7 throughout my preparation for this speaking engagement. Consider me your biggest fan.”

Scott Lelii, Head of Digital & IT, Volvo Construction Equipment Sales Regions North & Latin America

Need help for you or your team on improving important conversations and presentations? The Fripp Customized Approach will work for you. Contact Fripp today!