Great Sales Professionals Learn How to Be Persuasive in their Sales Conversations

Make more sales more often. Patricia Fripp can help.

Developing good public speaking skills helps you make more sales more often.

To sell you need technical skills, product knowledge, how you compare to your competition, territory management, a good relationship management system, discipline, and self-management. However, that is not enough. Too often the best presentation wins.

Earlier in my career when I was primarily a keynote speaker, a large food service company invited me to keynote their yearly sales conference. After my speech, Jennifer, the National Sales Manager, pulled me aside and said, “I liked your speech. However, I really loved how you delivered it. Can you teach our salespeople to speak that way? We sell quality food and uniforms to hospitals and healthcare systems.

It takes us a year of work and relationship management to be in a position to deliver an hour presentation to a hospital board. It is worth $9 million dollars a year if we win the business. We are losing sales, and it has nothing to do with our offering or price. When I follow up, I keep hearing it has to do with the fact that the presentation skills of our competitors are better than ours.”

As I put together the program for them, little did I know she had just given me the secret to always be in demand, no matter how good or bad the economy is.

Lucky for them and me, Jennifer realized her sales professionals could learn how to be more persuasive in their sales conversations

Why is it that so many companies assume their seasoned content experts and sales teams can naturally deliver any message well. Many well-educated professionals have never received any training or coaching, and they don’t take the initiative themselves usually because they had a bad experience in school at age eight!

Shelly Seeger read my special report on 11 Mistakes Sales Professionals Make in Their Presentations and called.

She said, “Help! I work with a large software company, and we only hire seasoned sales professionals. They must have at least ten years selling technology. Naturally, we assumed they could successfully tell our company story…until we had a meeting and all the sales professionals had to deliver in front of our leadership team. They were horrified!

“I have been charged to search the world for the best sales presentation skills trainer. Lucky for us, you are only thirty-eight miles from headquarters!”

In sales when everything else is close or equal, The No 1 Best Way to drive more sales more often is to improve your presentation skills. Patricia Fripp can help. Let us have a conversation.

“Our investment to bring you here was paid off within two weeks.”
Steven Reed, Executive Vice President, Union Hospital Health Group

“When we hired Patricia Fripp to improve our sales conversations and presentations, my expectations were high. Patricia Fripp’s customized approach before, during, and after with her FrippVT online learning has resulted in more and larger sales. Patricia’s ability to excite, inform, and coach our team was impressive.” Scott Hamilton, Vice President of Sales, Distech Controls

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