Your Presentation – It Doesn’t Have to Be A Traumatic Experience

What’s the worst experience you’ve had delivering an important presentation?  Have you forgotten what you meant to say? Realized you should have edited your slides? Or even noticed your audience slipping away?  In this brief video sample from Fripp Virtual Training, I share one executive’s worst presentation experience:

The higher up the corporate ladder you go, the more important your communication skills become; I realize that for some people this is can be a bit intimidating. The good news is, even if you aren’t a born speaker, you can learn how to speak well in public.  You can even become a powerful and persuasive communicator.

Here are three articles to help you improve your presentations: “7 Fripp Do’s – How to Present to Senior Management,” “3 Fripp Don’ts – How to Present to Senior Management,” and “Questions to Get Started – How to Present to Senior Management” These are just a few of the many complimentary resources available on

If you know you need to become a more confident and competent speaker, why not get the help you need on your own schedule?

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Executive Speech Coach and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker Patricia Fripp works with individuals and companies who realize that powerful, persuasive presentation skills give them a competitive edge.