Want to Know a Much Overlooked Way to Connect with Your Audience Before You Speak?

Imagine this scenario: You’re about to step on stage as the speaker.

When Fripp speaks others listen.

The energy in the room is buzzing with anticipation.

As you prepare to captivate your audience with your words, there’s a valuable strategy I recommend you embrace before that moment.

Whenever possible, act as your own warm-up act. This is an often overlooked opportunity many speakers make.

When you build rapport with your audience beforehand, you can create an even more exciting and impactful experience.

Let’s dive into the advantages of establishing a connection with your audience before you take the stage. Or, as my co-author of Delver Unforgettable Presentations, Darren LaCroix calls it “before rapport.”

When you engage with the audience members before your introduction serves a practical purpose. It warms up your mouth and vocal chords which ensures that your voice is clear, confident, and ready to command the room.

Physically moving around and interacting with your audience gets your body in motion, energizing you and lowers any of your initial jitters or nervousness. By being active and present, you set a positive tone for the rest of your performance.

However, the true power of this strategy lies in the personal connection you establish with your audience.

The members of your audience want to feel that you are a real person, someone who understands and values their presence. When you approach them and initiate conversations, you demonstrate a genuine interest in who they are and what they have to say. This simple act demonstrates that you are not just a speaker. You are also a fellow human being, which instantly makes you relatable and approachable.

Perhaps you have found, when you show interest in others, you become more interesting. . This principle holds true in the realm of public speaking. As you engage with your audience, asking them questions or listening to their thoughts, they feel valued and respected. This sparks a sense of reciprocity within them, a natural inclination to return the favor. By extending yourself to them, you trigger a psychological response that compels them to give you their attention, at least initially.

Imagine the impact of this reciprocity in action.

As you step on stage after having conversed with individuals in the audience, their faces light up with recognition. They remember you, the speaker who took the time to connect with them. This familiarity and goodwill create an immediate bond, a shared connection that paves the way for a more receptive and attentive audience.

However, remember that establishing rapport before your presentation is just the first step. While it captures attention, it’s your presentation and mastery of the topic that will ultimately hold their focus. Once you have their initial attention, it’s your responsibility to deliver an unforgettable performance that keeps them engaged and inspired throughout your talk.

In every situation where it is physically possible, “Act as your own warm-up act” works.

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