Want to Get Promoted to the Next Level 2023? Improve Your Language  

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One of the ways I help my clients get what they want in their lives and careers is by making them aware of how they can clean up their sloppy and nonspecific language.

When your competition is tough and decisions are being made for promotions, salary increases, and great assignments, this is critical.

The importance is magnified when talking to customers.

Some examples:

Nonspecific: “With our software, our clients always increase sales productivity.”

Specific: “Of course, there are no guarantees. If, however, you talk to our last five major clients, they will tell you that within six months their sales productivity improved 37%. It would be safe to say that you can look forward to similar results.”

Nonspecific: “There are two things people love about our software.”

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Specific: “We have two innovative upgrades that your Systems Administrators will love.”

The worst offender when it comes to nonspecific language is the word “stuff.”

Unless it is the holiday season and you are talking about what you are about to do to your turkey, remove it from your business conversations. That process starts by eliminating it from your casual conversations.

I assure you that unless you become aware of how often you say “stuff” and become vigilant, you will not remove it. Why not record some of your conversations and listen? Ask your co-workers or family members to let you know when it slips out of your mouth unconsciously.

If you use the word “stuff” for high-price products, services, expertise, or technology, you are devaluing them.

Another frequently-used word to avoid is “thing.”

In spontaneous, unprepared conversation, it is easy to do. With important conversations and sales presentations, plan in advance. Make notes on what you want to say, and plan the clearest and most specific way to get your message received. When you speak in a clear, concise, and specific way, you gain a competitive advantage.

For example:

Nonspecific: “There are three things you will like about our product.”

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Specific: “Your team will especially enjoy three features of our product.”

Specific: “You will appreciate three major benefits of our product.”

Specific: “You will like three specific applications of our product.”

Other words and phrases to eliminate from your business conversations and presentations include sort of, kind of, bunches, tons, like, you know, you guys.

A well-known technology company hired me to help their technical experts improve their consulting conversations.

While working hard to improve the quality of their word choices, one engineer said, “This is how most of our customers speak.” My reply: “There are better ways to connect emotionally with your customers than to model their sloppy language.”

There is a big difference between being casual and being sloppy.

If you believe you and your company are the best in your industry, prove it through your language.

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