Public Speaking Is The Number One Tool of Leadership

Sims Wyeth
Sims Wyeth

It is mind-boggling how many highly-intelligent, well-educated, and ambitious executives spend years finding creative ways to get OUT of public speaking of any kind. Some even panic when these opportunities arise. My friend and colleague, Sims Wyeth very wisely reminds us not to waste these opportunities.

Public Speaking Is The Glue
by Sims Wyeth

Public speaking is the number one tool of leadership, because when you get people in a room to hear the same message at the same time you have the greatest chance of moving them to action.

Don’t waste your opportunities.  The glue that holds people together is a magical mystery sauce of trust, emotion, and shared purpose.  In business, meetings and presentations are key opportunities for creating and sustaining that magic.

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Sims Wyeth is the president of Sims Wyeth & Co., an executive development firm in Montclair, NJ devoted to the art and science of speaking persuasively.

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