Robert Fripp MP3 Megapack

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This package includes:

  • How to Be a Hero in Business, Performance and Life
    16 MP3s featuring Patricia Fripp
    Music is a wonderful language of analogy and metaphor. Enjoy an evening up of up-close-and-personal conversations with the guitar legend and philosopher Robert Fripp. Recorded in 2008.

  • Everything Begins with a Love Story
    10 MP3s featuring Robert Fripp and Patricia Fripp
    In this one-of-a-kind presentation from Robert & Patricia Fripp, you will hear what action leads to success, why you leave the comfort of your home, when to listen to your inner voice, what the rabbi said to convey a complex and difficult notion in 15 words, why David Bowie sent Robert his first First Class airline ticket, why it is so important to remember roots and honor our parents, and more.

  • From Good to Great: Beginner to Mastery
    3 MP3s featuring Patricia Fripp
    A Recognizable Characteristic of Mastery: Everything is Meaningful; Alternatively Expressed, Nothing is Arbitrary–Robert Fripp, founding and on-going member of King Crimson. Rolling Stone magazine’s 42nd best guitarist in the world. Intelligent, funny & profound speaker. Recorded in 2008.

  • Robert Fripp Unplugged
    21 MP3 Audio files
    The man behind the music… Intimate conversations with Robert Fripp produced by Patricia Fripp, the sister… experience the private side of Robert Fripp. Hear him be funny, profound, poignant and up-close-and-personal… a collection of unique, impromptu talks. Recorded in 1990.

  • BONUS: How to Be a Hero for More Than One Day: Live at APA
    10 MP3 Audio Files
    Listen as Robert addresses 1,200 members of the American Payroll Association. You will learn what makes a hero, the types of heroes and their attributes, and what an act of quality is. You will be entertained as you listen to an example of heroism in David Bowie’s early career. It is impossible to listen to this talk and not get renewed energy for your own career.

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