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Everything Begins with a Love Story

Featuring Robert Fripp and Patricia Fripp

Garner insights into the steps you can take to start leading a successful life as well as quirky, funny anecdotes that will leave you with a reverberating life message.

Robert Fripp is Rolling Stone magazine’s 42nd among the top 100 guitarists of all time. As well as a master guitarist, composer, and producer Robert is as eloquent a speaker as he is a master performer.

Patricia Fripp is a Hall of Fame Keynote speaker and speech coach.

From Fripp and Fripp you will hear:

  • What Action Leads to Success
  • Why you leave the comfort of home
  • When to listen to your inner voice
  • What the Rabbi said to convey a complex and difficult notion in 15 words
  • Why David Bowie sent Robert his first First Class airline ticket
  • Why it is so important to remember our roots and honor our parents
  • How Uncle Bill got shot down in October 1945 in a potato field in Germany

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