The Story Behind “The Great Comedians Talk About Comedy”

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Learn the Secrets of Great Comedians

The Gift of Laughter: Dialogues with Great Comedians

Listen in as Patricia Fripp interviews humorist and best-selling author Larry Wilde.

Get an education in the enjoyment, appreciation, and art of performance humor. In this one-of-a-kind, delivered only once, live performance, learn the insights, techniques, and revealing thoughts of some of America’s greatest comedians.  You will hear the collective wisdom of the people who defined American comedy. For the first time, you will learn the most fascinating, interesting, inside stories about how Larry convinced the great comedians to share their never-before-revealed views on making people laugh. You will also learn more about the personalities behind the entertainers who brought joy to millions of us. You will love the comedians and their stories of perfecting their craft and their TV appearances and radio shows.

Jerry Seinfeld was interviewed for a later project and is included in this project.

If you enjoy this, why not invest in Larry’s book, Great Comedians Talk About Comedy.

Larry made publishing history as the author of the most popular humor series of all time. His 53 books have sold more than 12 million copies. The New York Times called him “America’s best-selling humorist.”

You will hear the actual voices of these comedians:

  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Woody Allen
  • Jack Benny
  • Milton Berle
  • Shelley Berman
  • Joey Bishop
  • George Burns
  • Johnny Carson
  • Maurice Chevalier
  • Phyllis Diller
  • Jimmy Durante
  • Dick Gregory
  • Bob Hope
  • George Jessel
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Danny Thomas
  • Ed Wynn

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