From Good to Great: Beginner to Mastery – CDs or MP3s


A 60-minute program featuring Robert Fripp and Patricia Fripp available on CD or MP3.


“From Good to Great: Beginner to Mastery”

Presented by Robert Fripp, founding and ongoing member of King Crimson. From Rolling Stone magazine: “42nd best guitarist in the world.” Intelligent, funny & profound speaker.

Legendary guitarist Robert Fripp demonstrates his equal brilliance as an elegant and eloquent speaker. His sister, presentation skills expert Patricia Fripp, asks him about the steps and the commitment that one must take to move from being a novice to becoming a master of our craft. Along the way you will hear interesting stories of leaving home and returning on the same day, of meeting Jimi Hendrix, and of playing with the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park, the event that launched King Crimson to the international stage. Any Robert Fripp or King Crimson fan must listen to this message. Many in the audience who were professional speakers and not familiar with Fripp’s career, gasped while he spoke.

Recorded live at the National Speakers Association’s SpeakerPalooza – 1 hour

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