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Robert Fripp Unplugged

This collection of unique, impromptu talks took place in December 1997 and continued in the spring and fall of 1998 after Soundscapes performances. Why did he do this? Patricia Fripp, Robert’s sister and the initiator and producer of this unique series, believes it is because she told him to talk to his fans!

Patricia is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed professional speaker, a presentation and speaking skills coach, and the creator of Robert FrippVT, a collection of four of Robert’s speeches.

At the first talk in Alexandria, VA, in December 1997, the Fripp siblings celebrated an early holiday vacation together before his tour. When Sister discovered that Brother had recorded these classic gems, she took it upon herself to produce and package them for Fripp enthusiasts. This was the first time that Robert Fripp fans got a glimpse of the man behind the music.

Since then Robert and Patricia have teamed up multiple times. If you are interested in these early talks, we recommend you invest in the Robert Fripp Megapack and receive Robert’s more recent presentations as well.

To watch recorded live presentations, check out Robert FrippVT.


The Robert Fripp Unplugged series includes 21 downloadable MP3 files. In this series, Robert talks just to you for six+ hours and you hear some of his favorite Soundscapes.

Topics you will enjoy:

  • Jimi Hendrix’s response to watching King Crimson.
  • Hear Robert tease bearded, bespectacled, earnest young men.
  • Understand how the music business really works.
  • What comments he makes about Sister Fripp.
  • When Robert gets locked out of his hotel room without his trousers.
  • The indignities of being a working musician.
  • When at home his favorite sounds.
  • How his bunny runs his household.
  • How Fripp relates to his critics – good and bad.
  • A lunchtime performance that lasted eight hours.
  • What Robert likes to read in Starbucks.
  • The most heavenly place to perform.
  • How art enhances our lives.
  • Why Robert will run away from you before a concert.
  • Robert’s real-life work.
  • The crafty guitarists and Guitar Craft.
  • Fripp does not play music for the money.
  • Elton John on Oprah.
  • Why it’s good for Robert to look like a mushroom.
  • Who had legs that snapped like whipcords?
  • Bill Bruford and his 30th anniversary in the business.
  • Who earned royalties for silence?
  • Why it is unlikely Robert will write a movie score.
  • When it is OK for you to heckle.
  • The work and mission of Discipline Global Mobile Record Company.

And much, much, more about history, music, King Crimson, Soundscapes, and Robert’s insights about life. You meet the man behind the music.

“Dear Sister, Thank you so much for making my boyfriend’s birthday so special. He was thrilled with Robert’s Unplugged CD program. He was amazed to receive the bonus of Robert’s autographed poster. I could not have given him a more meaningful gift. The framed mini-poster is sitting on his desk. The bonus CD was a great addition. Please let Robert know that this project was extremely meaningful and worthwhile to his very loyal fans.” – Vicki

“Hi Friends, I attended Robert’s June 15 Annapolis, MD show and it was absolutely hilarious!! His equipment hadn’t arrived so, after twice inviting those interested in leaving and receiving their refund (nobody did) he spoke to his audience for over an hour until the equipment finally arrived. I shall never forget it..” – Eric Young

“My purchase of “Robert Fripp Unplugged!” arrived in good condition last week. I have listened to all 6 CD’s now and am pleased that you have undertaken to make such a project available to your brother’s listening public… The CD’s show Robert to be a man of considered thinking, who is concerned with issues of meaning, while also displaying a keen sense of interpersonal grace. He sometimes resonates with an impish sense of humor: the ‘trousers’ story is quietly hilarious. Thanks again, for helping to give us an intimate glimpse, into the personality of the man behind the music.” – Nicholas Croft

“I have just completed a sixth listening of the complete Unplugged brother and wanted to thank you for making these priceless recordings available … please tell the brother that his words and thoughts and verbal expressions go a long way in aiding this basement-dwelling enthusiasts understanding of not only his music … but what I call his insight into life survival.” Lindsay Planer

“The collection brings a grand scope of Robert’s ideas and feelings on a myriad of subjects. At the beginning of my listening I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that my attention could be captured for so long, but I was handsomely rewarded for my patience each time with laughter, and sometimes sadness.” – Mr. Crimson, Jeff Duke, Reviewer, Krimson News

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