How to Find The Opening of Your Speech – Expert Advice

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Find a great opening line for your presentation with help from Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach and creator of FrippVT.

Sometimes the ideal opening line is already right in front of you. Pay attention to your conversations. Great content, including the perfect phrase to open your presentation, can pop up in the middle of a conversation. I spend a lot of time with my professional speaker friends and often in the middle of a conversation I’ll ask, “Do you ever say that in your presentations?” “No,” is the usual response.  I say, “You should. It’s better than your content.” This is because, what you say that captivates your friends is exactly what an audience will love.

I share this video explaining how sometimes a great first line is waiting to be discovered in what you are already saying. Give your opening words extra attention. When you immediately engage your audience, you help to ensure the overall success of your presentation. Enjoy!

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