Mistakes Speakers Make: Are You Overlooking an Important Step in Making Your Presentation a Success?

Why Not Set Yourself Up for Success and Write Your Own Introduction

I am frequently asked, “Patricia, what mistakes do many speakers make?” One is not writing your own introduction. Most individuals who introduce you do not know the difference between a bio and an introduction. A bio can be long; an introduction needs to be no more than one page, 16-18-point type.

When you write your introduction for somebody else to read, send it in advance as well as take a copy with you.

Make it easy to read. Rather than writing in paragraphs, which are tougher to read,

write your sentences bulleted down the page. It is easier for an introducer to review and remember.

Bonus Idea: Sell the importance of your subject before you write the highlights of your career and why you are an authority on your subject.

Here is an example of my introduction to a recent Zoom presentation skills training for a new division of a technology company.

It may interest you to know how I got invited to speak with follow-up one-on-one training for team members. At a recent online conference, the executive observed the presenters I had coached were dramatically better than those who had not taken advantage of my coaching.

“On a regular basis, we all present ourselves and our ideas.

We speak to internal audiences and our executives.

Many from our broader team speak to our customers.

Personally, I am called to speak as part of sales presentations to a large audience and at the Executive Briefing Center.

As you know, we believe it is a good investment to develop your skills.

I have invited Patricia Fripp to help up better understand how to design and deliver both formal and informal presentations, and speak in a way that sounds clear, credible, and confident.

In case you are not familiar with Patricia, she is already a proven partner to (Name of company).

She is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, executive speech coach, sales presentation consultant, and online learning expert.

She was the first woman elected to be President of the National Speakers Association.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine wrote, “One of the best investments in you is to learn presentation skills from Patricia Fripp.”

Patricia has been named “One of the Top 30 Women in Sales” and “One of the top 30 Global Gurus.”

You will all receive a copy of her new eBook How’s That Presentation Coming Along.

Please welcome …our new best friend…

Patricia Fripp”

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“Patricia Fripp is amazing. As a speech coach, you’ll never find anyone with her wisdom, experience, and ability. Once I began working with her, she improved my speaking style immediately. Her ability to listen to what her clients want to say and immediately give them the right words to use is incredible. Patricia can take an average presentation and quickly transforms it to become great.

She takes the time to explain and teach her clients how to think about their speech structure and language so that we are equipped to apply the same strategy moving forward. Patricia truly cares a lot about her clients’ success. You are getting both a coach and a fan when you partner with Patricia.” Bhavin Shah, CEO & Founder, Moveworks