How You Can Build an Amazing Relationship with Your Audience Every Time

Building an extraordinary relationship with your audience is vital for the success of your presentation. This relationship hinges on two crucial elements: intellectual and emotional connection. While logic engages your audience’s thinking, it is emotion that motivates them to take action.

The intellectual connection stems from the content you present and the logical reasoning you employ to make your case.

When you utilize charts, statistics, and survey results, you establish an intellectual bond with your audience.

For you to establish an emotional connection, on the other hand, is relatively easier.

The most effective way to achieve this is by using “you-focused” language, creating a balanced “I-You ratio.” Pay attention to how frequently you say “I” compared to “you” or “us.”

“You” is your ultimate advantage—a single word that can work wonders.

To enhance your presentations, eliminate certain phrases such as:

“I am going to talk about…”

“What I would like to talk about…”

“What I am going to do first is…”

Instead, replace them with more captivating and engaging alternatives like:

“Great news! You are in the right place to learn ten techniques guaranteed to make your presentations memorable.”

Compile a list of you-focused phrases that resonate with your presentations. Here are a few examples that I personally use to kick-start interactions. Feel free to incorporate them if they will work for you.

“In your experience…”

“If I were to ask you…”

“You can feel confident…”

“How often have you felt, seen, experienced…”

“When was the first/last time you…”

“It might interest/surprise/amaze you to know/learn/discover…”

“Do you remember a time when…”

“What advice did your dad/parents/mother/first boss give you?”

“Think back to when you last felt… frustrated/upset/happy/enthusiastic/disappointed?”

Here is a recent success story to emphasize the impact of a you-focused approach. Recently, I helped one of my friends who is a sales manager with one of San Francisco’s most renowned hotels.

He called and said, “Help! As you know I am a great sales person one on one. However, I have the opportunity to speak to a convention committee that is considering San Francisco and our hotel for their upcoming convention. They are also seriously considering San Diego. I am so nervous I am not sure what to do or say.”

I asked him, “How long do you have to speak?”

“8 minutes.”

“What will it be worth to the hotel if you win the business?”

“$500,000. However, they are seriously considering San Diego.”.

With two great cities competing fiercely, a compelling presentation was crucial. I recommended an opening that focused on the audience.

“In the next 8 minutes, you will decide that the best decision you can make for your association and your members is to bring your convention to San Francisco and the Fairmont Hotel.” In this statement, he used “you” or “yours” five times and “Fairmont” once. This created a potent emotional connection.

This was not the only element to successfully secure the sale. However, together we created a compelling message that combined intellectual and emotional connection.

Patricia Fripp and Deliver Unforgettable Presentations

Best of luck in forging strong connections with your audiences. If you require any assistance, I’m here to help. Let’s have a conversation.

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