Executive Presentations Need to Sound Original and Thoughtful

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE - Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker & Executive Speech Coach
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE – Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker & Executive Speech Coach

Frequently I am asked if executives should dumb down their communications. No, not necessarily. The Patricia Fripp suggestion is to speak conversationally. If you would use that word or phrase at the dinner table, or in your boardroom include it in your speech or conversation. However, you must also consider whether you sound original and thoughtful.

Phrases and words that are redundant and overused should be banished; whether you’re writing or speaking, these will weaken your message and cause your audience to tune out. Knowing you should avoid well-worn jargon is the easy part; incorporating this into your daily life is tougher.

Here are 11 of the worst culprits in corporate communications shared in a Ragan Communications newsletter with replacement suggestions for each one. Do your best to remove these from your writing and speaking. It will become easier when you know what to replace them with. Why not print this list?

1. utilize ➙ use, show, fill, take, apply, push, work

2. end-user ➙ client, customer, audience, shopper, buyer

3. synergy ➙ team, powerful, effective, stronger, more, together

4. mission-critical ➙ main, big, major, central, chief, crucial

5. win/win ➙ good, smart, strong, clear, sound, skillful

Becky Gaylord
Becky Gaylord, of Gaylord LLC Consulting

6. value-added ➙ worthwhile, effective, better, helpful, ahead

7. ideate ➙ create, think, craft, whir, plan, test, solve

8. operationalize ➙ make, do, put, carry, finish, use, see, work

9. scalable ➙ grow, expand, wide, more, big, spread, include

10. deliverables ➙ results, value, outcome, change, effect

11. outside the box ➙ different, bold, striking, unique, brave, exciting

This list comes from Becky Gaylord from Gaylord LLC Consulting. Thank you Becky!

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