Life Lessons Through Laughter And Ethics: Mary Ellen Did it Right! Do You?

Create Your Keynote By Next Week
Create Your Keynote By Next Week

When you speak to business and professional speakers and Toastmasters, as I do, about public speaking and advanced presentation techniques, it is assumed that you will be quoted. In fact, I encourage the best way to learn a public speaking technique or idea is to teach someone else what you think you just learned.

However, there is a big difference between giving credit to the speaker you learned from and sharing the information and adding your own twist or experience…compared to…speaking, writing, publishing, blogging and recording the ideas of others with no mention where you learned…or who created the ideas, explanations or power phrases. Especially if they are printed somewhere with a copyright sign.

Funny lady and speaker Mary Ellen Rinaldi did it right. Do you? This was in my email this morning;

“Hello Patricia,

I invested in your ‘Create Your Keynote by Next Week’ program and love it! Thanks for all the work you and Darren LaCroix put into it to make the home study course feel as if I had two $5,000 a day speech coaches helping me create my keynote.

I am a Toastmaster as well as a professional speaker. Next week at our Toastmasters Club I will be giving an educational tip. My program is about power openings and why they are important. In my speech I mention your name and 7 of the 25 power openings I have learned to use. These are as a result of your program. This morning as I was rewriting my program, I thought, ‘Maybe I can use her PDF…. let’s ask her.’

Do I have your permission to pass out 15 copies of the PDF ‘Fripp’s 25 Openings’ to my Toastmasters Class? Naturally, I will tell them about the speaking program and add my personal endorsement. I am asking as I understand your materials have a copy write. I will not take it personally if you say no. ”

Mary Ellen Rinaldi, Tri-County Talkers, North Easton, MA and Life Lessons Through Laughter

My reply: “Dear Mary Ellen,

Thank you for asking. Yes, you can give copies of the openings to your class. You will find it is a great exercise for Table Topics to give an opening to each person, have them say it out loud and then use that to lead into whatever comes next.  You will find it is a great content developer.

Wishing you continued success,

Patricia Fripp”

Patricia and Mary Ellen are members of the National Speakers Association which has a strong code of ethics regarding the use of other speaker’s content.

If you are interested in “Create Your Keynote by Next Week” check it out.

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