Communication Skills: Can You Do Better?

Patricia Fripp keynote speaker and executive speech coach
Patricia Fripp – Keynote Speaker & Executive Speech Coach

Even as an expert in business communications I constantly learn from my friends and mentors in the National Speakers Association. Don and Kathleen Thoren write, speak and coaching on Life Enriching Tips. Enjoy….


Has someone said something and you weren’t sure what to say back??? Seconds tick by and your mind screams, “What do I say now?!” or “Why did I say that?!”

My wife, Kathleen, taught me to say, with curiousity, “Isn’t that interesting” and then…STOP TALKING.  The beauty of this neutral comment is that it turns the conversation back to the other person and…

Don & Kathleen Thoren
Don Thoren, CPAE, & Kathleen Thoren, MA
  • Gives you a chance to think
  • Gives you an immediate response, but you haven’t really said anything or expressed an opinion yet.
  • Gives you a chance to change the way you are listening from a JUDGE OF what was said to an INVESTIGATOR INTO what they meant.

It’s best to ask questions to gain understanding when you are not sure how to respond.  However, avoid the “why” question, as it is often received as argumentative. Now, you have your best chance of feeling comfortable with what you say back.

Thanks Karen and Don.

Kathle Thoren, MA, Relationship Specialist

Don Thoren, CPAE, Speaker Hall of Fame, Seasoned Consultant, Mentor & Trainer

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