Charisma – You Have It Too

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You have natural charisma, though you may not know it.

I always say, “There’s no point in going anywhere if people don’t remember you were there.” Being memorable is key to effective networking, persuasive sales conversations, and powerful presentations. You can make yourself more memorable by building emotional connections and using “you-focused” language in all of your communications – and by cultivating your natural charisma.  My friend, Jay Townsend, is a political campaign consultant and candidate coach who has worked in four presidential campaigns and scores of U.S. Senate, Gubernatorial and Congressional races. Whether you plan to run for office, or simply aspire to leadership within your own organization or industry, I share Jay’s advice to help you tap into your natural charisma.

Filling A Room with Your Magnetic Charisma
by Jay Townsend

Magnetic charisma. You’ve seen it. That moment when somebody enters a room and suddenly everybody takes notice. You have it, too, though you may not know it. It starts with the way you look and begins before a word is ever spoken. Watch this brief video with tips on how to fill a room with your magnetic charisma:

Speaker, speechwriter, debate coach, polltaker, scriptwriter, print and mail specialist, Jay Townsend has worked in four presidential campaigns, scores of U.S. Senate, Gubernatorial and Congressional races, and a myriad of County Executive, Mayoral, legislative and judicial contests. An adept wordsmith, he has received several national awards from the American Association of Political Consultants for his work. He is the creator of the video series, How to Run for Public Office and Win. Visit to learn more and request a copy of his eBook: The 10 Worst Mistakes That Candidates Make.

Thank you Jay!

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