When Does Your Sales Presentation Start? A Sales Presentation Tip

Here is an important sales presentation tip I shared with Long & Foster, the largest real estate company in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. This is something that anyone giving a sales presentation should keep in mind.

When Does Your Sales Presentation Start?

When you open your presentation, understand you are opening long before you actually stand up and speak. If you want to have a great impact, interact with the audience, shake hands, meet as many as you can before you actually speak. We are very rarely nervous with one person, even if it’s someone very important. We only get nervous when it’s an audience, or a crowd, or a committee. So why don’t you use what I call the “schmooze factor.” You schmooze before you open your presentation. Then when you stand up you have already made friends. The first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds should have the most impact. I don’t want you to start your speech with, “Hello, my name is.” NO, because you’ve already met them. Even if you haven’t, there are much better ways to begin your presentation. Until you connect with the audience, they really don’t care who you are.

Give the opening and closing of your talk a little extra thought, time and effort. Get, ideas on how you might open and close your speech from this helpful free article, “Open and Close Your Presentations with Power.”

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