Upgrade The Caliber of Your Stories within Your Sales Presentations

Speeches and sales presentations are not memorable without fascinating stories. I want you to upgrade the caliber of your stories. Practice telling stories. Utilize what I call the “Hollywood Model” – character, dialogue, and dramatic lesson learned; which is, of course, that doing business with you is the best way to go.

Whenever you are telling a story to a prospect, make sure it is populated with flesh and blood characters, just like the people you are talking to. People do not remember the words you say; people remember the story, and the picture, created in their minds while they listen to you.

Robert McKee, the screenwriter said, “Stories are the creative conversion of life itself into a more powerful, clearer, more meaningful experience.”

Given the choice of listening to a trivial story well told or a brilliant story badly told, an audience of one or 1,000 would rather hear a trivial story well told. Stories are the currency of human contact. Encourage your happy, satisfied clients not only to share positive stories with you that you can repeat, but also to tell all their friends. People can resist a sales presentation, but nobody can resist a good story well told.

My article, “Story Development Ideas” can help you get started on developing successful stories for your presentations.  The audio CD, Inside Secrets of Superstar Sales Presentations: Increasing Results Through Persuasive Presentation Skills can help you learn how to connect intellectually and emotionally with your prospects.

Patricia Fripp & Darren LaCroix with Speakers' Conference Attendees
Patricia Fripp & Darren LaCroix with Lady & The Champs Speakers’ Conference Attendees

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