Secrets of Super Star Sales Presentations

If you need a competitive edge over your competition, enjoy a replay of my recent live web event, The Inside Secrets of Super Star Sales Presentations. This is just one in my FrippVT Sales Series.

To recap:

  • Answer the questions your prospects should have asked, or meant to ask. Doing this positions you well.
  • If you want prospects to be interested in your message, make your subject of interest to the audience.
  • Have a strong opening script.
  • The longer the sales cycle the more you need to speak to be remembered and repeated.
  • Your message must combine emotional and intellectual connection.
  • Make sure you use more “you” language than “I” language.
  • For coaches and consultants, sell by doing not by telling.
  • “Congratulations!” is a great way to start a sales presentation.

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