Stand Still – The Interesting Truth about Movement

Stand still at the start of your presentation, advice from Executive Speech Coach and Creator of FrippVT, Patricia Fripp
“At the beginning of your presentation, stand still.” Executive Speech Coach and Creator of FrippVT, Patricia Fripp

Once you have crafted your message you must also deliver it well. Perhaps you’re under the impression that dynamic speakers always race and pace all over the room or stage? No.

Everything you do adds to or detracts from your message. At the beginning of any presentation you should stand still. People are getting used to you, how you sound, how you speak – how fast, or your cadence, or your accent. You can move, however be strategic with the movement. When you move, move on purpose, on transition, or a movement specific phrase. A transitional line from one of my executive speech coaching client’s was, “Fast forward seven years.” If you told a story where you said, “I walked into the boss’ office…” that is movement specific.

As you can see in this short video, although I am standing in the center front of the stage there’s plenty of movement from my body with my gestures and vocal variety.
How you stand represents the stability of your ideas and your organization. A proper stance adds to your authority and will make you more confident on the platform.

Frippercise: When delivering your next presentation try standing still. Yes, stand in one place because you already have movement and energy in your gestures, in your voice, and in your face.

Everything we do while delivering a speech adds to or distracts from our message.

Public Speaking Tip – Stand With Authority

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