Speak to Promote Your Book

November is National Nonfiction Writing Month, also known as the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge. During this month, you are personally challenged to start and complete a work of nonfiction in 30 days. This can be an article, an essay, a book, a book proposal, a white paper, or a manifesto. It’s an honor to have been asked to close National Nonfiction Writing Month with my recommendations to help writers turn their book content into presentations. Speaking is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to market your book, develop a following, and expand your audience:

You can give speeches even before you’ve published your book; ask people to sign up for your opt-in list, so you can let them know when your book becomes available. For more information on National Nonfiction Writing Month and the Write Nonfiction in November Challenge visit: http://writenonfictionnow.com

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