Situation, Solution, Success – Sales Presentation Strategy

If your goal is to increase sales this year, your sales presentations must include interesting, compelling stories. In a business context, stories are most often case histories of satisfied clients.

Populate your stories with flesh and blood characters that your prospects can relate to. Use characters who have a name and a back-story – and include dialogue. Think of this formula in creating your story: situation, solution, success.

Tell a story about a satisfied client using the client’s own words to illustrate the situation. Imagine one of your clients asking for your help; how would they articulate their challenge or their problem?

The solution can be delivered in your words. For example, “This is what we did to help Client X. We did this, this, this, this.”

The success – the happily ever after – has to be in the client’s words. This is because only your client’s words can adequately express how wonderful your product / service / solution is.

So remember: situation, solution, success – using characters and dialogue.

Patricia Fripp & Joe Heaps at Lady & The Champs Speakers' Conference
Patricia Fripp & Joe Heaps at Lady & The Champs Speakers’ Conference