Sales – How to Focus Your Conversations on Your Prospects

A successful sales conversation is always focused on your client’s needs, even if you are amazing.

Do you think of yourself as the center of the universe? Hopefully not. Unfortunately, if we’re not thoughtful in our approach to sales conversations we can sound like we do.

When it comes to sales, the word “I” can be a barrier to connecting with prospects and clients.

Does this sound familiar? “Hello, I’m John Smith. I work for the Smith Company, and this is what we do, and this is how long we’ve been in business, and these are our clients, and we’d love to help you.” (“We,” as used in this example, is just as bad as “I.”)

Here’s a reality check… nobody cares. This is an example of a sales call you wouldn’t want to receive, and clearly one shouldn’t make. Prospects are unlikely to decide to buy based on the unique history of your company, but rather because they can see how your product or service will meet their needs or solve their problems.

Instead, why not focus your conversation on the listener? “Thank you for the chance to discuss how the Smith Company can help you achieve your goals.” A simple change in words, but a dramatic change in how you come across.

If you’re not sure whether you use you-focused language or are an “I” abuser, record your sales pitches and then review them objectively. Speakers often focus on eliminating pauses like “uh” and “um.” This is an excellent practice and will add to your credibility, but be aware that also addressing “I” versus “you” mistakes will make an even more profound difference in your connection with prospects and clients.

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