Last Words Linger – Sales Presentation Tip

When you structure your sales presentation, remember you start strong and close high. Your last words linger and you don’t want them to be “thank you” or “out of time.”

Take one line of your presentation, which represents your key message – the big idea from your presentation or conversation – and your last words that linger will be, “Remember ________.” With one of my clients it was “…157 profitable quarters.” With another it was, “Remember 99 percent of the Fortune 100 do business with us.” What are your last words that linger?

You must structure, script, and persuasively deliver a sales presentation that will position you ahead of your competition. My article, “Power Pitching: Get the Personal Edge” offers more strategies to help you improve your sales presentations. You can also request my free special report, “12 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Their Presentations.”

The CD Inside Secrets of SuperStar Sales Presentations  reveals critical sales presentation secrets – how to get prospects to remember what you say, how to connect intellectually and emotionally, how to build powerful stories that sell, and how to be different and also sound different.

Take Fripp Home - Lady & The Champs Speakers' Conference
Take Fripp Home – Lady & The Champs Speakers’ Conference

Darren LaCroix and Patricia Fripp are partners in World Champions Edge coaching community with Ed Tate, Mark Brown, and Craig Valentine. You can hear them all at the Lady & The Champs 2013 Speakers’ Conference in Las Vegas. Patricia and her friends are experts in public speaking, business presentations, sales presentations, marketing yourself and how to use social media to your advantage. These are all covered in Lady & The Champs.

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