How to Talk about Yourself Without Feeling Immodest

How to talk about yourself without feeling immodest.
When you’re asked to talk about yourself and your career history, how do you avoid coming across as dull and self-absorbed?

Some people are very comfortable talking about themselves – sometimes too comfortable.

The uncomfortable feeling you get, when someone drones on about themselves, is why you may find it difficult to talk about yourself without feeling immodest.

I understand. However, from time to time we are all inevitably required to introduce ourselves to new colleagues, coworkers, or team members and share our career history.

What can you do to avoid coming across as dull and self-absorbed? Present your career history as a story told from the perspective of a mentor or role model. Think of someone who helped you become who you are, someone you can credit for advice or encouragement that contributed to your successes.

Before you find yourself in another situation where you are required to introduce yourself and talk about your experience,

I suggest four ways to talk about yourself without feeling immodest:

1.) Walk through your life story from the point of view of your mother or father.

2.) Talk about your discussions with your high school guidance counselor before you headed to college or into the workforce.

3.) Think about the key lessons you learned from your first boss – good or bad – and how they influenced you in your career.

4.) Discuss the development of your long-term relationship with a business partner or consultant with whom you’ve had numerous successes.

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Choose one of these, or review your experiences and identify someone else who has truly helped or inspired you along the way.

Rather than simply listing your achievements, tell your story based on the experiences and lessons that have led to your success. Make it a good story and credit others who’ve taught and encouraged you along the way. Your history may not be the basis of a blockbuster movie, but it can still incorporate a bit of drama!

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