How to Get Great Evaluations Every Time… Ask!

Ask for great evaluations in advance! Whenever you deliver seminars or break-out sessions, greet the attendees at the door and shake their hands. Start your presentation by asking the audience what they want and expect from their time with you. What ingredients are needed before they can rate you excellent?

Most audiences reply:

  • Cover the points promised in the description.
  • Be energetic and entertaining.
  • Don’t use a monotone.
  • Don’t read your talk.

I ask my audiences if they have a philosophical problem rating me excellent if I deliver. I make it as a joke with lots of personality and they laugh. Before your close, ask if there are any other points they would like you to cover. Then get them to complete an evaluation form, doing any other housekeeping at the same time.

Finally, leave them on a high. Follow up by going to the back of the room and shaking their hands again.