Effective Sales Presentations Are All About “You”

Executive Speech Coach & Sales Presentation Expert, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Executive Speech Coach & Sales Presentation Expert, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Successful sales presentations are always you-focused. For example, let’s take this sample opening – a sales manager pitching an association to host their annual conference at his hotel – and break it down.

“In the next eight minutes, you will decide the best choice you can make for your association and your members is to bring your convention to San Francisco and the Fairmont Hotel.”

Count it up, and that is five uses of “you” or “your” and one “Fairmont Hotel.” That is emotionally connecting.

“San Diego is a magnificent destination, and you should definitely go there another year. However, the reasons you should come to San Francisco this year are… (specific—specific—specific—specific).”

So, you start with an emotionally connecting opening, followed by specific, analytical, logical benefits of “why here, why this year.” Then it is time to close, and focus again on emotion.

“Imagine, years from now, you are sitting around a convention lobby reminiscing about the best conventions your association ever had. All your attendees are chatting, saying, oh, the favorite was San Francisco at the Fairmont when you were on the planning committee.”

You do not need to come right out and say, “Give me the business and I promise you will go down in your association’s history.” You do, however, need to paint the scene in a way that allows your listeners to draw this conclusion. As you might know from your own experience, when you serve on a committee, there is usually much more work than glory

Sales conversations are effective when you use you-focused language and connect both intellectually and emotionally. For additional techniques to make your presentations powerfully persuasive, visit Fripp Virtual Training today.

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