Build Your Business by Being Remembered

Patricia Fripp teaches the secrets of successful sales presentations through her Virtual Training.
Patricia Fripp teaches the secrets of successful sales presentations through her Virtual Training.

Our goal in sales presentations is to have our key ideas remembered and repeated. Say, for example, you are pitching a large project, and you represent just one of several bidding companies. Realistically, the prospect is not going to give you a yes or no answer when you are in the meeting, whether you are the first or last to present.


  • What would happen if people remembered what you said more than anything presented by any of your competitors?
  • How would it impact the decision making process if your prospects could retain the three reasons why you are the best choice for them?
  • Would it be advantageous if your audience could repeat your stories about why your past clients who are just like them chose you?

You can see the potential of a well-crafted, but conversational sales presentation – whether you are sitting down talking to one or two people or delivering your pitch before a committee.

Even if you have years of experience in your industry and know what you are talking about, before you deliver any sales presentation you must first plan and focus your message. Sure, people who know exactly what they are talking about can tap into their expertise as needed, but very few of them know how to start an effective sales conversation and finish it.

I challenge you, for your next important conversation or presentation, to script out precisely how you will to start. You’re not going to read what you’ve written out loud, but you are going to internalize it. You will have this so tight, you will ensure that your presentation gets off to a good start. If you can deliver a solid opening before you proceed with a strong outline, you will be much more confident and effective.

8 Steps to Structuring an Outstanding Sales Presentation” and “Are You Making Any of These 12 Biggest Mistakes Commonly Made in Sales Presentations?” are just two of the complimentary articles I share on to help you with your sales presentation skills.

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