Pursue Your Passion for Presenting – April 26, 2014 Skokie, IL

Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker & Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp
Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Where will you be on Saturday, the 26th of April 2014? If you would like to improve your presentation skills and are anywhere near Chicago – and certainly if you are a District 30 Toastmaster – you will be joining me for the District 30 Toastmasters Spring Conference in Skokie, Illinois. District 30 has planned an eventful program, and I will help you Pursue Your Passion for Presenting!

You will learn:

  • Eight key steps to grabbing your audience’s attention
  • How to start your stories with compelling, powerful openings
  • Strategies to standing out and to being outstanding
  • How to get ahead using your own voice and spreading your ideas

There will be live coaching during the afternoon – plus contests, surprises, and musical entertainment by PowerPlay. Here is an overview of my programs:

7:00 am – Patricia Fripp’s Leadership Breakfast Keynote
Master Technique in Order to Abandon It: The Secret of Knowing Your Content and Demonstrating Flexibility

You will learn how to:

  • Demonstrate that you are an authority
  • Appear flexible and spontaneous
  • Add to your passion for presenting

9:00 am – Patricia Fripp’s General Session Keynote
Under the Magnifying Glass: From Good to Great on Steroids

You will learn how to:

  • Take your presentations from good to great
  • Add small specific techniques that improve your presentation
  • Help your audience “see” your presentation
  • Present information in the right order for retention
  • Understand the number one secret of a great speech

12:30 pm – Patricia Fripp’s General Session Interactive Seminar
From Good to Great in Action: Lights, Camera, Action…You Are the Star! 

Witness why Patricia Fripp is considered “the Steven Spielberg” of executive speech coaching. Willing volunteers will be invited to deliver a small portion of their presentation. Patricia Fripp will then add her laser-focused coaching. You will learn how a word, pause, or movement can add to or distract from your message. Through Fripp’s coaching and her advanced presentation ideas you will know where you need to improve. As the Academy Award-winning director, Steven Spielberg said, “It all starts with the script: it’s not worth taking me away from my family if I don’t have something I’m really passionate about.”

After hearing one or all of Hall of Fame speaker Patricia Fripp’s presentations it will be impossible not to Pursue Your Passion for Presenting!

Saturday – April 26, 2014
North Shore Holiday Inn (Skokie)
5300 W. Touhy Ave.
Skokie, IL 60077

Do not hesitate. Do not procrastinate. If you are ready to ignite your passion for speaking, mark your calendar, and register now!

For more information visit: http://d30toastmasters.org

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