Bill Stainton is a Rock Star Business Speaker.

I have just finished making a CD called Rock Star Communications: How to Inspire Action and Commitment. My next project is writing the eBook to go with it. The title came from a time when one of my clients asked me to tune their shy, modest, brilliant, engineer President into a rock star!

He was one of my favorite executive clients…and yes!!! 1,500 sales people thought he WAS a rock star of a presenter and leader.

My friend keynote speaker and Emmy winning pal Bill Stainton delivers a great keynote speech about the 5 best decisions the Beatles made and why we should adapt them. At the National Speakers Association convention in the year that NSA Rocked he gave one of the most fun, exciting, creative keynotes I have ever heard. He challenged us to Shake It Up!

His session opened with a Beatles Band and after the first song Ringo walked to the front of the stage, pulled of his wig and it was…Bill Stainton. The audience went wild! He closed back with the band for a final song. 1,500 professional speakers of all ages acted as if they were at a rock show. It took 5 minutes for us to calm down.

Here are some of the photos. If I ask nicely maybe Bill will let me use a few for my eBook!

Check out his website.

You have to admit…Patricia Fripp has a rock star brother Robert Fripp, a rock star sister-in-law Toyah Willcox, and a friend in Bill who incorporates rock stars as part of his convention keynotes. Also, once in a while I help executives become rock-star business presenters. What a fun life!