How to Fine-Tune Your Words for Greater Impact

Executive Speech Coach & Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE
Executive Speech Coach & Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Are your presentations persuasive? Powerful? Subtle differences in language can make an enormous difference. Maybe you’ve already edited a script of your speech. This is a great first step, but I recommend you also record yourself and listen carefully. Then, fine-tune your words and phrases to maximize your impact. Consider both your word choices and word order. Here are a few inside secrets I share with my speech coaching and Fripp Virtual Training clients:

Make sure you are using you-focused language. You connect with your audience when they are included.

Rather than saying, “I am going to talk about…”

Say,  “You will learn…”

Or ask,  “Have you ever had the experience?”

Or start with, “If I were to ask you…”

Pay attention to your placement of “set up” phrases and “impact” phrases.

For example, a unit of time usually works best as a set up phrase. For example: “In 2007…,” “In the next 45 minutes…,” “Next quarter…,”

An impact phrase usually comes at the end of a sentence and carries more weight than the other words in your sentence.

Avoid ending your sentences with set up phrases. The end of a sentence supports your message if it features a word or phrase that’s directly relevant to your point.

Examples from a January sales meeting:

Before…  “To celebrate your accomplishments in 2015.
Fripped…“To celebrate your 2015 accomplishments.

Before… “This will be our focus for the next 2 days.
Fripped…“For the next 2 days, this will be our focus.”

Before… “Ryan Smith took over our Tuscan branch in October.”
Fripped…  “In October, Ryan Smith took over our Tuscan Branch.”

Example of the last year in review:

Before… “We ended with strong sales and increased market share, even though started with some uncertainty.”

Fripped…  “Even though we started with some uncertainty, we ended with strong sales and increased market share.”

Example of speaking on an organization’s values:

Patricia Fripp at Lady & The Champs Speakers' Conference
Patricia Fripp at Lady & The Champs Speakers’ Conference

Before…  “Do our everyday actions align with them?”

Fripped… “Are our everyday actions in alignment?”

Take the time to analyze your speech or presentation. Look for opportunities to be clearer, sharper, and more eloquent.

Do You Alienate Your Audience? Make a ‘You’ Turn,” “Edit for Clarity, Specificity & Emotional Connection,” “Specificity – Leave That Sloppy Language Behind” are just three of the many complimentary articles on providing more help with this aspect of public speaking.

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