6 Mistakes Sales Professionals Make in Their Sales Presentations

presentationsmallerYou have a competitive edge when your sales presentations are more powerfully persuasive in your than your competition’s.

  • Are you losing sales you feel you deserve to make?
  • Would it be helpful if your prospect remembered what you said?
  • Would it be beneficial if three weeks later, your prospect could repeat your key ideas?
  • Would it be profitable if your prospect vividly knew why others selected you as their vendor of choice?

Are you making one or all of the most common, biggest mistakes made by sales professionals?

  • Thanking prospects for their time instead of thanking them for the opportunity to discuss doing business.
  • Using a flawed conversation or speech structure. Focusing on your own company history instead of focusing on how you can discover or solve the client’s problems.
  • Talking about what you do rather than telling stories of satisfied clients and painting a picture of how this client’s condition will be improved with your product or service.
  • Speaking at the wrong level of abstraction. Being too technical or too vague.
  • Starting with a weak, predictable opening and not closing on a memorable conclusion.
  • Thinking the PowerPoint is the presentation. Technology can be used effectively to support your message, but should never be used as a crutch.
Executive Speech Coach and Sales Presentation Expert, Patricia Fripp
Executive Speech Coach and Sales Presentation Expert, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

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