A Brilliant Perspective on The Three Qualities of A Hero

Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, and David Bowie
Brian Eno, Robert Fripp & David Bowie

My brother Robert Fripp is an internationally acclaimed guitarist and a founding member of King Crimson. His discography includes an innovative performance on David Bowie’s Heroes. Remarkably, Robert is as brilliant a thinker, writer, and speaker as he is a musician. Experience The Wit, Wisdom, and World of Robert Fripp in His Own Words when you subscribe to Robert FrippVT.

I asked Robert to share his thoughts on what it takes to be a hero.  He said that heroes aspire to embody three qualities:

  • The clarity to see what is required of them.
  • The courage to accept what is required of them.
  • The capacity to discharge what is required of them.

He explained that there are three types of heroes.

  • The superhero is able to direct the way the world runs.
  • The occasional hero can do something heroic but they can’t repeat it.
  • The everyday hero is reliably, repeatably, and responsibly heroic on a daily basis.

If you want to be a hero in your life and endeavors, be consistent. Robert says, “Discipline is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.”

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“Robert Fripp’s presentation was as insightful as it was sensationally delivered. Our opening general sessions of 1,200 audience members were enraptured by the fascinating stories of his most amazing career in the music industry. Many of our APA members have long admired King Crimson and Fripp’s prowess as one of the best guitarists of all time.

However, it didn’t matter that he’s a famous musician. The wisdom he shared has direct parallels to every aspect of life and growth potential. His humble eloquence makes his wisdom so easy for everyone to get value. His grip on the audience was as tight as his hold on his guitar pick!”

– Dan Maddux Executive Director, American Payroll Association

Executive Speech Coach and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker Patricia Fripp works with individuals and companies who realize that powerful, persuasive presentation skills give them a competitive edge.