3 Fripp Don’ts – How to Present to Senior Management Without Being Terrified

Recently, I shared some strategies for presenting to senior management in my post, “7 Fripp Do’s – How to Present to Senior Management Without Being Terrified.”  Now I will share some mistakes you don’t want to make when preparing and delivering your presentation.

Key to career success is selling yourself and your ideas to senior management. You are in the hot seat when your audience is senior management.  Are you confident that your public speaking skills are up to the challenge? Here are three presentation “don’ts.”

Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE – Award-Winning Keynote Speaker & Executive Speech Coach

Three Fripp Don’ts

1. Don’t try to memorize the whole presentation. Memorize your opening, key points, and conclusion. Practice enough so you can “forget it.” This helps retain your spontaneity.

2. Never, never read your lines—not from a script and not from PowerPoint® slides. Your audience will go to sleep.

3. Don’t wave or hop. Don’t let nervousness (or enthusiasm) make you too animated—but don’t freeze. Don’t distract from your own message with unnecessary movement.

10 Traps to Avoid in Public Speaking by Patricia FrippTen More Public Speaking Don’ts

Ten more public speaking don’ts are covered in my video blogpost, “10 Traps to Avoid in Public Speaking – How to Go From Dull to Dynamic.” Or, you can request my free special report, 10 Biggest Traps to Avoid When You Speak: How to Turn Dull into Dynamic.

More on PowerPoint® Pitfalls

Misuse of PowerPoint® turns speakers into mere readers of slide captions and personal communication is lost! When your presentation is successful your audience is pays attention to YOU and nods with appreciation when you direct their attention to your supporting visuals. Does your use of PowerPoint® add to or detract from your presentation? I talk about this more in my article, “White Paper on Technology in Speaking Skills A/V Technology: Necessity…or Nightmare?”

Fripp Associate – Jim Prost, Executive Speech Coach & PowerPoint® Presentation Trainer

Fripp Associate, Jim Prost can coach you on how to best use PowerPoint® to underscore your message: https://fripp.com/powerpoint-training/  He has some wonderful tips for you in his article “8 Mistakes Made when Presenting with PowerPoint® and How to Correct Them.”

My ebook, Putting the Power in Your PowerPoint® will help you improve the way you use PowerPoint® in your presentations.Putting the Power in Your PowerPoint

As an executive speech coach I work with executives, sales teams, and even high-fee professional speakers to transform their presentations.

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