Every sales presentation is a missed or captured opportunity

Every sales conversation and presentation is a missed or captured opportunity. Which will your next one be?

What do your most important prospects…especially senior executives…say after you or your sales team leave the room after delivering your best sales presentation?
Do they say, “Wow, I hope our sales people are half as good as they were when they represent us.”
Or, do they say, “I’m really disappointed. I expected much better from a company with their reputation.”

Every sales professional…even the most experienced, can improve their presentation and results.
1. By understanding what most sales people do that does not work.
2. Not doing it!
3. Learn new techniques and skills as they relate to sales conversations and presentations.
4. Revisit what they are now doing, and apply the techniques.
5. Make this a team or corporate goal.                 

Patricia Fripp Sales Presentation Skills Trainer
Patricia Fripp Sales Presentation Skills Trainer

Consider This
• Would it be helpful if your prospects remembered what you said?
• Would it be beneficial if they could repeat what you said 3 weeks later?
• Would it be profitable if they could vividly remember why clients…just like them…chose to do business with you?
What do poor sales presentations really cost?
• You squander the time of preparation, rehearsal, and delivery.
• You lose the sale.
• Or drop down the list of serious competitors for the business.
• Worst case scenario, your hard-earned reputation suffers.
In all these instances, a valuable opportunity is lost…and for no good reason!

Remember, when you lose business you should have captured, you lose twice.
First, you don’t get the sale or the cash flow. Second, your competitor gets both.

What are the biggest mistakes?
Talk too much about ourselves and company.
Presentation structure is faulty.
Don’t use good happy client stories.
Think their presentation is the PowerPoint.
Not calling a good sales presentation skills trainer.
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