Hollywood Ideas for Presentation Skills

In Hollywood you have directors, producers, and cinematographers; casting directors, actors, stand-in, and stuntmen; composers, musicians, and musical directors; set designers, art directors, carpenters, and construction coordinators; sound mixers, lighting technicians, and camera operators; production designers, costume designers, and script supervisors; makeup artists, hairstylists, and prop masters; teleplay writers, production assistants, and boom operators; gaffers, key grips, best boy grips, dolly grips, and editors. Dozens of caterers because apparently an army marches on their stomach and so does Hollywood.

We have a cast of colorful characters who work in front of and behind the camera to make a movie; a movie that has the power to transport us into the future or show us life as it might once have been. Hollywood knows how to emotionally connect with an audience. This is what speakers have to do.

Who do you have on your side to help you with your presentation skills and public speaking? THE Executive  Speech Coach Patricia Fripp can help.
Patricia Fripp adds Hollywood to Presentation Skills (Check out the Hollywood speaking skills video opening)

Patricia Fripp in Las Vegas after a speaking school
Patricia Fripp in Las Vegas after a speaking school