Transform Your Boring Bio from Wallpaper to Wow

SpeakerMatch is a great service for anyone looking for more bookings. On a regular basis they offer FREE TeleSeminars with interviews with thought leaders and experts. Then they house the recording. This week Nancy Juetten had a terrific interview.

Transform Your Boring Bio from Wallpaper to Wow Attract Clients and Speaking Engagements Now

It’s amazing how many aspiring speakers and experts find it hard to get to the magic of their own messages to compel meeting planners and others to say YES to what they offer. Today’s teleseminar is going to cover some of the biggest bio blunders people make, showcase a winning recipe that makes it easy to invite more of the right opportunities, and illustrate the points with compelling examples from real clients who are happily getting seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for their expertise.

What You Will Learn:

Why one-size-fits-all bios rarely fit all situations
What every radio host wants from from you
What every event emcee wants from you that serves your interests just as much as his!
The biggest time savers you gain by getting your bio in great shape now
How to set yourself apart from every other expert and why you must begin right now!
Most importantly, by the end of this teleseminar, you’ll be fired up and ready to take action transform your boring, boilerplate, and bland bio to the rock star status of which you and your expertise are so worthy

 Nancy Juetten shows success and publicity-seeking business owners proven ways to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED in their own backyards and beyond. The author of the and newly released SECOND EDITION of Bye-Bye Boring Bio, Nancy has written bios that open doors and invite applause for the famous, slightly famous and want-to-be famous and make solopreneurs the world over smile.
In fact, Betsy Gray Talbot says, “Nancy is like self-esteem in a can. She sprays it and all the fabulous things about you that you had forgotten or didn’t think were important are in the air for everyone to see. You feel better, potential clients find you more appealing, and you look and sound like a professional. Just like that.”

Here is the interview link for Nancy’s advice.

Patricia Fripp will be interviewed on SpeakerMatch radio March 31.

The subject is The Future is Now: The Virtual You.