There are ONLY seven ways to get rich!

At the National Speakers Association convention I met the author of Get Rich Click Marc Ostrofsky. At the moment I am reading his book in preparation for our speech coaching session in January.

He get’s your attention really fast with these statements. Hope it inspires you for 2011.

There are ONLY seven ways to get rich:
1. Inherit it
2. Marry it
3. Invest for it
4. Get lucky, the lottery or win it
5. Work for a company
6. Break the law: Steal, deal or con

7. Entrepreneur/Work for yourself
The best way to become wealthy –
honestly, ethically, legally and morally –
is number 7.
The Internet is today’s gold rush,
creating more millionaires and doing so
faster than any other medium in history.

Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky. As Marc well knows, once you have your book you will need media training and work with a great speech coach to help you perfect the speech. Especially if you want to be a Wonder Woman or Superman on stage.

Next speaking skills conference Patricia Fripp is part of is Lady and the Champs in Las Vegas February 26, 27, 2011 with my partners in World Champions Edge.