The Triple Threat in Business Communications

The Triple Threat in Business Communications

My East Coast Fripp Associate Sims Wyeth is the master at saying so much in a few words.

When I first met him he told me "Patricia, I used to work in a large executive communication coaching firm and they always told me not to mention I have been an actor." Naturally I encouraged him to maximize this experience. Having enjoyed stage training makes him an object of interest. Enjoy…

"When I was younger, and just starting out as a speaker, I needed a surface and a look: a degree, a suit, a haircut, and (I thought) a flashy style.

Once I had the look, I needed the content. I needed to become an expert. I wanted to know everything about speech: the history, science and practice of persuasive communication.

Now I want to experience my own authenticity and my own truth.  I want to speak from my heart and less from my brain. I am less interested in seeming and knowing and more interested in being.

I suspect these phases are all necessary. You need a good first impression; knowledge born from experience; and finally, a sense of perspective about the limits of knowledge.

On Broadway, you’re a triple threat if you can sing, dance, and act. In business, you’re a triple threat if you look the part, know the part, and see your role in the larger drama." Sims Wyeth

Meanwhile I am on my way to Las Vegas for my Patricia Fripp Speaking and Presentation Skills School and The Odd Couple Marketing and Strategy Seminar with Alan Weiss. Here is the best advice if you want to be a successful professional speaker or consultant…you need to be great at your craft, equally good at marketing and understand the speaking industry.