An Example of Robert Fripp’s “Attributed” Charisma

An example of Robert Fripp’s “Attributed” Charisma

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At the American Payroll Association’s Congress Pay Heroes we were lucky to have APA’s First Husband Patrick Obertin as our moderator and introducer. Over the years we have become friends. In 1969 Patrick bought In The Court of The Crimson King. He would be the first to admit he enjoys the “Attributed” Charisma of being involved in Robert Fripp’s session. We enjoyed the “Attributed” Charisma of his APA status helping us.

As part of our session “How to Be a Hero for More Than One Day” Patrick told the story of how he met and “rescued” his wife Linda Obertin APA’s 2009-10 APA President.

Enjoy the photos of the Fripp’s thanking Patrick, Patricia Fripp and Patrick, Patricia Fripp and Patrick and Linda at the Super Hero party.

Dan Maddux and his APA team know how to run a convention!

Read out Robert Fripp’s speaking CDs.